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Bumble cropping photos

Bumble bees are large robust insects with black and yellow coloration. The bumble bee has a black or yellow hairy abdomen which is a character from a carpenter bee which has a black shiny, hairless abdomen. The foraging bumble bee has a large pollen basket on each hind leg that is often loaded with pollen..

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Bee pixels are valuable. When a bee is small in your original photo, it will not be represented by that many pixels. So, the machine may see more background than bee. Cropping the image tightly to the edge of the bee reduces the number of distracting pixels and maximizes meaningful bee pixels. How can I maximize accuracy when using BeeMachine?.

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56.60. Table 1 information was aggregated from Crop Pollination by Bees and Insect Pollination of Crops. Costs per rental hive are based on USDA NASS data from 2017 in the Midwest Region. The current recommendation for stocking density of commercial bumble bees in field produced vegetables and fruit is 0.5 to three colonies per acre.

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Crop your photos before uploading so there is much more space vertically than horizontally; and use a higher resolution. Yes!!! This!!! Wtf bumble! Try using high resolution images. Also, try uploading the original image directly from your phone rather than from Facebook.

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"Bumblebee" is a common name given to the 200 + species of bees of the genus Bombus. Bumblebees are wild bees that accomplish many of the same ecological functions as their close relatives the domesticated honey bees. The pollination of a wide range of flowering plants, the gathering of nectar and pollen, and the making of honey are shared.

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Understood. But if your camera is set to “auto” (where the camera surveys the scene and automatically sets exposure/brightness) and you take a bunch of different pictures, the exposure/brightness could vary from photo to photo. So instead of doing that in the camera, I’m just changing those settings in a photo editing app afterwards.

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